Welcome Home!

We have returned to in-person gatherings, and through September we’ll be reducing our restrictions as follows:

5th September [Children’s & Youth groups return & will gather with us]
  • No longer required to pre-book a seat, and no need for managed seating plan
  • Congregational singing will be permitted once again (but behind masks)


12th September [a chance to acknowledge who/what we’ve lost during the Pandemic]
  • Remove Social Distancing in the Balconies
  • Maintain social distancing for all downstairs


19th September [will incorporate Church Members Meeting & AGM]
  • Reduce from 2m distance in main body of Church and increase group sizes from 6 to 8
  • Retain social distancing and groups of 6 under balcony


26th September [including infant Dedication/recommissioning of Life Group Leaders]
  • Masks can be removed when seated
    • (but must be worn when singing/moving around)
For more details about the considerations behind these changes, see the ‘Reducing Restrictions‘ post in the Updates section of the website.