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Responding to God's Call
Luke 5:1-11 (Part of the Just Like Us series).
Preached by Paul Wheeler on 11/10/2020 (Sunday Morning).
Holy Spirit - Faith, Healing & Miracles - 1 Cor. 12:7-11
Luke 17:11-19 (Part of the Empowered by the Holy Spirit series).
Preached by Ricky Rew on 20/09/2020 (Sunday Morning).
An Unexpected Invitation to Unlikely People
Luke 2:8-20 (Part of the Jesus the Gift of hope series).
Preached by Ricky Rew on 15/12/2019 (Sunday Morning).
The Lost Son
Luke 15:11-31 (Part of the All Age Signed Service series).
Preached by Claire King on 23/06/2019 (Sunday Morning).
Daily Devotion
Luke 6:12 (Part of the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series).
Preached by Daniel Hatfield on 26/11/2017 (Sunday Morning).
It's all about Jesus
Luke 2:1-6 (Part of the Christmas series).
Preached by Paul Wheeler on 14/12/2014 (Sunday Morning).
The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
Luke 13:1-19 (Part of the Practical Parables series).
Preached by Jonathan Blake on 26/10/2014 (Sunday Morning).
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