Welcome Home!

We have returned to on site, in-person gatherings and we’ve been reducing our Covid restrictions whilst trying to maintain the confidence of the more vulnerable.

We meet on Sunday mornings for our Church family gathering which starts with an informal time of worship at 10:15, and formal welcome at 10:30.

If you decide to gather with us on Sunday morning, here’s what you can expect to find:


  • For the more vulnerable, we have 2 groups of 6 seats under the balcony which maintain the original 2m distancing between groups
  • For those able to climb the stairs to the balconies, there are no distancing restrictions
  • The rest of the space is set out in groups of 7-8 and are approximately 1m between groups



  • Masks are mandatory for everyone 11+ (except those who are medically exempt)
  • When the national & local case numbers reduce we will review this



    • In order to minimise transmission, we are not permitting mixing between groups
    • You can choose where to sit, and can engage with those in your row/group but not mix between groups



  • We are not currently serving refreshments but encourage you to bring a drink with you


For more details about the considerations behind these restrictions & recent changes, see the ‘Reducing Restrictions‘ post in the Updates section of the website. If you have any questions please contact Reception on 01268 745730 / reception@rayleighbaptist.org.uk