This Sunday

We usually gather for two services each Sunday, details below, with refreshments served after each. If you arrive 5-10 mins early for the 10:30 & 18:30 services, you can grab a drink before we begin (refreshments are also served at the end). If it is your first time with us, mention it to the people who greet you on arrival and they’d love to give you a welcome bag with more information about Rayleigh Baptist Church and answer any questions you may have.

On the fourth Sunday of each month we meet in the Lounge for our Early Communion Service, which ends at 09:45, when we move into the worship area to meet with those arriving for the next service. This is a more traditional service with worship led by piano.

Join us for our main family gathering, with groups for children & young people and a creche for toddlers. Worship is led by a full band and the service usually concludes at 12:00 with refreshments and plenty of time to chat & pray together.

This morning we will be looking at Ephesians 3:1-13 – Heralds of God’s Grace. We will also be sharing Communion together.
Series: Understanding God’s Purpose for the Church’

Join us for our Evening Worship; a more intimate gathering than the 10:30, with more time & space to respond to what God is doing in us.

Tonight we will be looking at Jeremiah – A Silver Lining from Jeremiah 29:1-14.
Series: Telling Our Stories