Retyred Men


‘Retyred’ Men which is for any retired men both from within the Church but also from the wider community. It has been running now for nearly four years and we have met 25 times on a bi-monthly basis. We meet very informally on Wednesday afternoons between 2pm and 3.15pm pm starting with tea/coffee and cake (very important part) – then one guy spends half and hour sharing their life story including their journey with God – this is followed by someone talking about a hobby or interest they might have (a very wide range of subjects has been covered).

We get an average of 20 guys to each get together and over 40 have been to one or more.

In addition over the last year or so we have started to go out together, often in the church minibus including to the Houses of Parliament, a winery, Basildon Tractor factor and West Ham football ground.

A great camaraderie is being built up between the guys and we now meet for lunch on the alternate months either on the Church premises or in an eating place somewhere – why not join us?!