Rayleigh Fruit n Veg

“Sadly we’re not at the church anymore, we made the decision that it was too much.
It was causing stress and friction between us on a Wednesday morning and the logistics of trading from two separate places just wasn’t working out.
The delivery side has exploded into action which I didn’t 100% expect and to keep on going with the church would have been at the detriment of the delivery service in the long run.
It was a great idea of Scott’s and glad we gave it a go but this is definitely the correct decision.
We’re gutted for the people that still want the face to face service but hoefully you’ll understand our reasons.
I think we were trying to run before we could walk in our new setup doing both deliveries and the church straight off the bat.

Sorry for the bad news,


For deliveries please contact: Landline: 01268 778944, Mobile: 07739 389334 (Tom)

Website: www.rayleighfruitnveg.co.uk
Email: tomasini@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: rayleighfruitnveg