Online Gatherings

Being able to gather online during the worst of the Pandemic was great when we couldn’t gather in person, but it would be hard to argue that it is anything other than a ‘second best’ option. However, we know that for some, gathering online is still the only option they have, either because of mobility issues, caring responsibilities or illness (occasional or long-term). So although things are returning to some kind of normality in life & in Church, we will continue to Live Stream our gatherings.

Although we believe that joining together onsite on Sunday mornings (and through the week) is the best opportunity available to us, it has been great to hear how important & valuable the live stream has proved to be for those unable to join us. And we don’t want to exclude those who can’t – so live streaming will be continuing long-term.

Sunday Mornings

Join us on Sunday mornings for our live-streamed gatherings which start with an informal time of worship at 10:15, at which point the online chat will be available. We encourage you to introduce yourself by sending a ‘good morning’ message then engaging with others as they join. The formal welcome will be at 10:30. Please continue to use the chat during the gathering to comment on what’s happening, to ask questions or offer thoughts.

Each week the live stream can be accessed at RBC Online [] or you can watch via YouTube but you won’t be able to participate in the chat. 

Catch Up

Our previous gatherings are all available on our YouTube Channel.


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