Marriage Course

To find out more details contact our church reception 01268 745730 or reception@rayleighbaptist.org.uk

At Rayleigh Baptist Church we have an active marriage ministry. The (HTB) Marriage Course is an annual event, from experience, we have discovered that this course can be more accessible for couples on a fortnightly / monthly basis which the course now runs and includes topics:

• Building Strong Foundations

• The Art of Communication

• Resolving Conflict

• The Power of Forgiveness

• The Impact of Family – Past and Present

• Good Sex

• Love in Action

Alongside the marriage course we also run other marriage events throughout the year, this may include film evenings, social events with humour and romantic meals together. Also at Rayleigh Baptist Church we offer support with marriage preparation, for those couples planning to wed, setting a good foundation for their future together, as well as marriage mentoring where couples are available to support, encourage and walk along side couples to discover God’s best for their marriage.

We have dedicated couples who want to support and encourage marriages in as many ways as possible and are available should you wish to talk through matters relating to marriage.